Providing Leading Services

LAUTAN JAYA SUKSES, PT has build a solid reputation to provide stevedoring and cargodoring servie to abroad spectrum of customers worldwide, shipper's and carrier's with one thing in common the need to meet goods to and from the market afficiently, responsibility and safety. We are commited to meet these needs and earn confidence to choose us as trusted stevedoring and cargodoring copany.

Why Choose Us

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That's our motto. Our commitment to providing a quality service extends to the level of quality delivered by the customer service we provide you. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we'll endeavor to maintain our status of 100% customer satisfaction. We have the experienced personnel that are reliable in their field, and continue to make improvements as our commitment to provide service for customers.
We have always been a part in big projects nd we are commited to continue to improve services in line with the demands of an increasingly high standard of operation.
We have proven succeesfull, the trust given by completing the projects.

  • We foster genuine working relationships with our clients
  • We have a flexible, enthusiastic and efficient workforce
  • We maintian a premium fleet of mobile equipment
  • We provide a full range stevedoring and cargodoring